Thursday, June 11, 2009

We need hope.

I was looking for quotes about 15 minutes ago to help me keep moving without giving up. But sometimes, the feeling you get when you think of the future, of your friends and family, of your dreams and aspirations, and being illegal becomes overwhelming. you fall into deep depression when you think about the truth, and it breaks your heart to feel so powerless. I applaud the brave young men and women in this country who are also undocumented and have been able to move forward without letting anything stop you. YOU ARE MY HEROES. I am still very young. I am still 16 and knowing that you guys went through every feeling in me right now, and were not stopped by the barriers before you, inspires me to do something great with my life, but most of all, it inspires me to keep fighting against every obstacle against me. You who manage to keep a smile on your face give me hope. Thank you very much for taking a moment and talking to me. Thank you to those who encourage me to keep moving forward. I do not know where i would be if you would not be in my life. and thank you for caring about me, and making me a part of your life. This is for anyone, and everyone, who fights for hope, who fights for a better future, who fights to find their utopia, for everyone who fights for the DREAM act.


  1. It is one of the great benefits of this web 2.0 thing where we are now able to find support in each other.
    Being one of the older ones, i know how hard it is to hold this inside and feel isolated and alone. But having found friends like yourself has given me new strength and resolution. I consider myself blessed and lucky.

    We will overcome this.

  2. I have to say that younger DREAMers like you are my heroes. You will grow up to be an amazing person, I can already tell.