Monday, July 6, 2009


this is the second time i blogg and i am still kinda lost. :(
but i would like to introduce myself.

hello, my name is gladys, and i am an undocumented student living in southern california since the year 2000. I am currently a high school senior and about to enter the real world. and the truth is , yesterday, the fact that i would have to face the cold world hit me. i know i will not be alone. i have close friends who understand me, and i have my family, and more importantly i know i have GOD by my side. But sometimes, you can not help but to feel alone. alone, invisible to the world before you. invisible to the mother you love. throughout elementary and middle school i was always depressed about my situation. in 2005 my father was deported and it broke my heart. i did not know if i would have to return to a coutry i did could no longer remember, or if i would stay here, living with my aunt and siblings while my parents we in mexico-thousands of miles away. fortunately, i have my parents by my side, but the fear of being separated from my loved one's still dictates my life.
now that i am in high school, ive learned to look at my situation in a different, more colorful way. ive learned to accept my world (and living situation) as it is, and have peacefully learned to reside in it. ofcourse my status in the United States does not make me jump up and down of happiness but my world is no longer pitch black.
through this great adventure i learned that everything has a reason, and that to find great joy, great sacrifices must be made. thats why i am in this coutry, thats why my family, and the people i have befriended and their families are in this country.
throughout my blogging experience i will publish small information about my life.
have a great day!

When we are dreaming alone it is only a dream. When we are dreaming with others, it is the beginning of reality.-Dom Helder Camara

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