Friday, August 28, 2009

the flu

Thursday August 27, 2009. i woke up and my head felt huge. my throat was hurting, and my body felt weak. i also had a slight fever. shit. i cought the flu.
either way, i decided to go to school. i dont like missing school. i miss out on a lot of things. and i really didnt wanna miss my AP government class. the teacher is kinda lame. he tries too hard to be funny. .. hehe. but the class teaches me the basics and details about what i like most- politics. but anyway, i came home and drank te de cebolla (onion tea) and colonial silver like crazy. i dont believe in medicine and i hate going to the doctors, which makes me depend on old Mexican remedies. which brings me to my next point.

Meet S. S is the kind of hard working girl who everyone likes. shes a sweet heart, she really is. but sometimes the things she says really bring me down. she doesnt do it on purpose, she doesnt even know she's doing it, but she does it.
S sits next to me in my math class, and for the past week or so, she's been telling me about her (up coming) trip to Ensenada Mexico. and how excited she is, and what she is gonna do there. i listen to her patiently, and wish she would just stop. then she asks me if i have ever been there.
"no." i responded. "i havent been to Mexico in a couple of years"
and she goes on with her conversation. i try to switch the subject by asking her if she wished to join one of the clubs im running. but she quickly replies.
"no. im in too many clubs already. im in av, c4c, & yr book. i have way too many things to do."
this really got me thinking about how unappreciative people can be. before me i have a shopaholic, who failed her piano class because she had 2ap classes and and 3 regular classes to take care of. REALLY? i took 9 classes last semester. i was in school from 6am to 6pm. and never complained. i was taking 4 advance placement classes, 2 honors, 1 college prep, and 2 rop classes. not because i needed them, but because i was stupid enough to take them. that plus a job (internship). i went to school monday - friday and worked tuesday, wednesday, friday, and saturday. and my gpa never went below a 4.0. This year im taking 7 classes. 5ap, 1 honors, and avid- tutoring. and im enrolled in beauty school did i tell you? (if i ever complain please slap me).

i couldnt believe she was complaining about how hard her life was! and i just wanted to tell her to stop complaining and to stop feeling sorry for herself. thats not the way to get by in this world. but i kept quiet. on wednesday S didnt go to school. she had a slight cold. funny thing is we had 2 tests that day. S is an ok friend. but i wish i can just open her eyes to the world. i wish i can tell her that not everything in the world is about goin to the spa every week... maybe i hate seeing fortunate people with "perfect" lives happy?
i dont like to complain, but DAMN.

the flu went away, and im feeling a lot better. however, this morning i decided not to go to school. i really dont know why. maybe its because i didnt want to see S seat empty.. i know shes in Mexico having fun. but i didnt want to see her empty seat rain on my parade.

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  1. Sometimes people take this all for granted. the interesting thing is that what our struggle is all over, everything from a small ice cream cone to a new car to even flying will taste 100 times better because we will value it.

    BTW you are an amazing young lady. 6-6pm. i say this with the utmost respect...OOOOF