Monday, September 14, 2009

my bday-9/11

this past friday (september 11) was my birthday. and the whole day, i couldnt help but think about the 2001 september 11, terrorist attacks. my first bday here in America was kinda depressing. i still remember my teacher crying the entire was sad. and in all my bday pictures you can see the twin towers up in smoke in the background (through the tv). there is nothing that can make someone feel better when they lose a dear friend. i know this from experience. my condolence to all those who lost someone one due to the 9/11 attacks.

Now, for something not so depressing, i celebrated my birthday all weekend. i went to go see the new tyler perry movie. it was funny. very sad. and on saturday i met a fellow dreamer at the beach. If the phrase "southern Californian" had a meaning, the name of this young man would need to be somewhere in the definition. He has lived here most of his life, yet this young college student is not seen as a full American. He has like, a total Californian accent. but our country refuses to recognize him.
i wish the best for this young man, and i hope his life will soon be at its fullest. We need to pass the DREAM ACT. B cannot wait another year for his dreams to come true.


  1. I'm the founder of the pro-migrant blog, Citizen Orange, and I'd like to be in touch with you. Email me at kyle at citizenorange dot com when you get the chance.