Thursday, November 19, 2009


im just a kid trying to go to college. thats all i really am at this point. i want to go to college, earn a degree, and move on with my life. just like every other college-aspiring American student. but being AB540 completely throws my dreams off. My family is considered low income, and i cant pay for my college applications. today, i called the office of admissions at one of my back up schools, and asked if they had received my fee waiver request. but the tone in her voice said it all. "you dont have a right to a fee waiver" said the admission counselor, "youre uncodumented. you dont have the RIGHT".
her words pierced me. and i know i shouldnt let this get me down. but why would you deny an aspiring college student the help they need to apply to your university?
i politely thanked her and hung up the phone. and at that moment, i started to wonder what i had done wrong. what i had done to make my life so difficult at times. they say character is fate. but is it really? what could i have possibly done at 8 years old to receive this fate?
now im really starting to wonder what it will be like for me next year. how i will pay for college, and if i will be able to stay in school because of the financial problem. i dont want to feel as if i lost part of my high school career, by going to a community college. not that anything is wrong with it, but ive worked to hard to end up in a school where kids dont have to even graduate to attend the school.
right now, im really crushed. i dont want to hear about going away to college anymore. i dont want to hear anything about the fafsa. and i dont want to hear i got rejected due to the fact that i lack a 9digit serial number code.

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