Wednesday, December 2, 2009

confession: I am becoming bald.
Yup. I am. I have a tendency to play with my hair whenever I feel anxious, stressed, worried, etc. and at the moment there is no other feeling in me. College applications aren’t easy. I never thought they would be so stressful. The only thing that helped me stay positive through all this was knowing I was going to get some help with the application fees. Then, right before I came across the “submit” button, a red sign flashed my screen. No legalization, no fee waivers for the California State Universities. But there was a small encouragement to try and get a fee waiver through a letter. So I tried. And once again, denied.
Today I am celebrating an anniversary. 9 years ago my life changed when I arrived to the United States of America. I remember everything. And it’s something no child should ever go through. From the running to catch a bus at 3a.m, to opening my eyes in Los Angeles county and finally being able to reunite with my family.
Last night, a very close friend was also able to almost reunite with his family. His parents were deported over a year ago, and after 2 months of trying to come back to the United States, his mom finally made it safe and sound. That’s another family separated by the broken immigration system. How many more is it going to take?
Sheessh Obama. Keep your promise.

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