Wednesday, June 23, 2010

graduation comeback.
so for a few months, i havent written anything here. but i would really like to start up again. i dont know if anyone actually reads what i write, but either way, i need to start doint it again.
I finally finished high school. A little less then a month ago, I finished my high school career, and 13 years of painfull homework. I sat in the front row of my graduating class, and saw everyone walk across the stage upclose. I saw smiles, tears, trips, and most importantly, i saw the meaning of walking through that stage. Some of my classmates will join the service, some will work for the rest of their lives, and some will move on to college. however, for a few of us, life will change completely.
A few weeks prior to graduation, my school hosted a small workshop for AB540/undocumented students. It was a last minute, and only about 10 students showed up. but it was a start. A friend and I led the meeting. we handed out fliers, talked about AB540, and educated students a little more about what it means to be an undocumented student moving on to college. that same day, some of the people at the meeting came up to me and confessed they decided to go to college.
Graduation day, i saw these same students walk across the stage. and it saddend me to think about all the obstacles graduation will bring. This bittersweet momment gave me hope for the future, and strength to keep fighting for the DREAM ACT and a Comprehensive Immigration Reform.
These dedicated students is exactly what the USA needs. Hard workers who want to live the American Dream.
Now I am working for Reform Immigration FOR America, and i have become a CHIRLA member. its exciting to know my work will contribute to something great in the future. i dont want to see my family, friends, and peers have to give up on their dreams because of a nine-digit number. I do not want anymore DREAMS being crushed every single day.
I hope another Workshop wont be needed, but just in case, i am ready to reach out to other high and middle school students about going to college. regardless of a status.
the future holds great things for us all.
we will be victorious.


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